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A March vs. B March in Pictures

This week’s Coach’s Corner comes courtesy of @Drachperformance aka Coach Michael Drach. I recommend you visit his instagram page or website to see the video version of this, as well as some of the best libraries of SAQ drills and exercises out there.

Drach A Skip

A March foot track. This motion is more hip dominant and piston like or up and down. This makes the A motion an acceleration focused drill.

Drach B Skip

B March foot track. The B motion is max velocity focused, due to the action being generated from the hip, BUT with more movement at the knee. This causes almost a whip like movement to the foot propelling you forward.

Drach AvB Skip

Notice the difference between the two tracks, and why you would use one drill versus the other from above. An important thing to keep in mind is that they both plant the foot back under the hips. All too often athletes that are learning the B march and skip extend the foot too much, so it plants in front of the hips. A major mechanical flaw that needs to be addressed.

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