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Food For Thought – Exposure to Diverse Scenarios is the Fastest Way to Grow as a Coach

This “Food for Thought” is inspired by the post above from Ben Bruno, an exceptional coach that works with a wide array of clientele, from professional athletes to weight loss clients and everyone else in between.

In order to develop your coaching eye, you need to put in the time on the floor, field and/or track coaching, there is no shortcut. I also feel it is very important that you expose yourself to as many different scenarios, types of athletes and their limitations/exceptionalism as much as possible. It is one thing to hone in on one niche of client and cater to that; it will definitely improve your coaching in that area.

However, exposure to a variety of stimuli will allow you to make better decisions, make those decisions faster, and help you to think outside of the box to achieve the best possible results with your clients. In short, a better all around coach that can now grow your sphere of influence.

Get those hours in and don’t get complacent!

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